Welcome back to the spring term!

Its great to be back and the first week is over already! 

Room Moves

There have been some changes in The Bridge, everyone is used to them already and seeing the benefits! The Art room has moved to the old B2P base room, we now have designated space for each aspect of this subject, including large 3-d projects, Batik printing, clay work and many other media, in a large and safe space. 

Our Family Engagement Officer Tammy is now based in the Wellbeing Room and has quiet space to work with both parents and either groups or individual pupils.

Izzy, our visiting drama therapist will now be based in the old KS3 classroom and share this space with intervention staff and our new library area. Each year, Welsh Government gives schools grant funding to improve levels of literacy and close the gap in pupil achievement caused by poverty. We will be using this to fund the purchase of new shelving and suites of both fiction and non fiction books. We'll share photos as soon as the work is finished.

Mary Morriss who was based in the KS3 room, is now based in the old Art room and will teach her vocational subjects from here.

We would like to thank our excellent premises staff, Jan, Sian, Chris and Sue for their work in helping us move furniture, clean carpets and re-paint the walls. Maintaining an attractive, fit for purpose and clean environment is important to both the learners and staff and we set the example in taking care of our fantastic premises.

We won't be moving any  more rooms any time soon!