Please join us in wishing our pupils the very best of luck during the exam period.

Attendance and Punctuality

Please see The Bridge Alternative Provision policy for Attendance in the "policies" section of the website.

Key Points for parents/carers 


  • Pupils should attend school unless there is a valid medical reason or appointment
  • Parents/carers should contact The Bridge at the start of the day if a pupil is absent
  • Parents/carers will receive a text if no call/message is received, as a reminder to contact school
  • Absence levels that cause concern or appear to follow a pattern will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer at The Bridge
  • Parents/carers will receive a monthly letter informing them of their child's attendance level, colour rated as "red, amber or green", see policy for levels
  • Pupils are encouraged to achieve 100% attendance in our monthly prize draw, tickets are awarded weekly so keep up the effort!
  • Pupils should be on time
  • Punctuality is important to ensure pupils don't miss form time activities and possibly start the day on a negative footing
  • Where pupils "miss" the contracted transport, parents/carers should make every effort to bring their child to school via private or public transport