Tackling Islamaphobia Rights Mission

The Bridge Super Ambassadors joined in the webinar with Sally Holland, the Children's Commissioner for Wales on the important issue of tackling Islamaphobia on Friday 2nd February. 

The CC has released a short film about the experiences of Muslims in Wales and some of the negative things they have to face including name calling, stereotyping, fear of attack and discrimination from people of all ages. The film was presented by young Muslim people themselves.

Y10/11 pupils watched this in form time and used some of the published resources to frame their thoughts and feelings about what they had seen. Some question ideas were discussed and these were then put forward by our Rights Ambassadors (Mali-Anne and Gwen, with Jack standing in for Gwen on this occasion). Many of our questions were read out and ideas and responses discussed during the webinar on Friday, including "does racism start at home?" and "what can I say to my siblings about Muslims and how they are different?"

Some of our questions were also asked and then discussed further in the Welsh Medium webinar that followed.

This was a very valuable experience for us all and we certainly must thank Emily for her help with the form time activities, Jack for the technical help and Mrs Morriss for supporting pupils during the webinar.

The final part of this particular mission is our ambassadors teaching the KS2 pupils on Monday about this sensitive topic. We look forward to it! Gwaith gwych, da iawn i gyd!