The last day of term is Friday 19th July. Diwrnod olaf y tymor yw Dydd Gwener 19eg Gorffennaf. Monday 2nd September is a Tutor Day, pupils return on Tuesday 3rd September. Dydd Llun 2 Medi yw diwrnod tiwtor, mae disgyblion yn dychwelyd Ddydd Mawrth 3 Medi.Exam results are available at reception 9-11am on 22nd August. Mae canlyniadau arholiadau ar gael yn nerbynfa 9-11am ar 22 Awst.

Listening to Learners

We take care to listen to pupil feedback in lots of ways here in The Bridge.

This week, each pupil had the opportunity to complete a survey, there were different ones for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 and 4.

The results were great - all KS2 pupils felt very positive about school, felt safe and happy and that they were making progress. The play and sports equipment issue was mentioned and we are hoping to have our new playground installed in the next few weeks!

KS3 and 4 pupils were also very positive:

94% of pupils feel safe here,

80% of pupils agreeing pupils behave well here,

90% of pupils agreeing that if bullying or harrassment occurs staff deal with it,

81% of pupils feeling they are making good progress,

Over 85% of pupils feeling they knew about their progress.

An area to address was healthy eating and having more information about it. School Council are keen to run a healthy tuck shop at break times, so hopefully we can link the two and help raise pupil perception on that one!

We always welcome feedback, each pupil was given a parental questionnaire to take home last week but we haven't had many returned. Please go to our "parents" section and complete one and post or email it back to school at :