Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 "the power of words"

Today in The Bridge we marked Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 with a special assembly.

We invited Richard Spencer, Holocaust Educator, to lead the assembly and he showed us the "power of words" with a short scenario and some very powerful slides. 

Staff and pupils were split into two groups and one group was treated with chairs, pens, papers, sweets and kind words, the other group were treated differently because there were rumours about them, they looked a bit different and it was felt best they were marked with a yellow badge and kept away from everyone else. Richard then extended this to story of the extermination of the Jewish population of Europe during the second World War.

Pupils and staff were very moved, posters around the Bridge have encouraged pupils to reflect on modern Genocide also.

The final message was, words are powerful weapons and we are all responsible for how we use them, the change starts with us.