Anti-bullying Week!

Its been a busy week here for Anti-Bullying week! Staff started the week off with Odd Socks Day to show our support for #changestartswithus and lots of pupils (K, R, B, E, R) did the same. 

We also surveyed every pupil from Foundation Phase to KS4 and asked if they:

felt safe (inside the Bridge) - 100% of pupils agreed

were bullied - 100% agreed they were not

felt staff would sort out an issue if it happened - 80% of pupils felt this was the case

Pupils have also reviewed the new Anti-Bullying Guidance from Welsh Government that was published this week and our wall and classroom displays will be updated to reflect the new documents in the versions for children and young people. These are also available in the policy section of the website.

Our whole school assembly refreshed and renewed everyone's understanding of what is bullying, what you can do if you see it and how to get help if it happens to you! Check the gallery section for photos!