Ty Llidiard staff visit Into Film Cymru event GloWorks

GloWorks is the fast growing creative industries centre in Cardiff Bay. Into film Cymru hosted an event there for teachers and educators, giving them an opportunity to learn more about different aspects of the film production process and the type of skills these companies look for from their employees with a view to supporting future students with learning and career choices.

 The companies based there are Cloth Cat Animation, Bait Studios, Milk VFX, Gorilla, Thud Media, Boom Cymru and Hartswood Film (Hartswood West) which cover a variety of different aspects of the industry.

Three staff members attended the event and visited the following companies:

Clothcat Animation: Producing animation for "Luo Bao Bei" on Channel 5’s Milkshake; "Shane the Chef" and the hand drawn animation "Ethel and Ernest "which was screened on BBC1 over Christmas, to name a few. Clothcat is a skilled and experienced animation studio with a multi-skilled team of artists, technicians, producers and directors. They have a passion for design and engaging storytelling. Currently there is an opportunity for post 18s to request work experience but it is worth looking at the website to get a feel for what the company produce and what job opportunities are available.

Hartswood Film: In 2010 Hartswood opened Hartswood West, a dedicated National and Regional office operating from Cardiff. A quick glance at some of Hartswood’s credits reveals the company’s remarkable versatility. Star-studded dramas include four series and a "special" of "Sherlock". Did you know that "Sherlock" is filmed in Wales? Did you know that it takes approximately 18 months to 2 years from idea to completion of a series? Did you know that behind the scenes there are all sorts of jobs from producer to social media marketing and set design? Do you know what under 35s are watching, as this age group aren’t watching traditional television anymore! How can programmes be developed to capture the interest of this age group?

Lots of questions!