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Sustainable Development Goals with the "Size of Wales" charity

This week we welcomed Nigel Little from "The size of Wales" charity. He came to talk to us as part of our work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which is in turn part of our journey to Rights Respecting Gold status. We are raising awareness and understanding of the need to meet these SDGs so everyone can live in peace, safety and without fear or illness. We aim to contribute to the awareness raising and in practical ways such as the event today.

Nigel explained how his charity works to re-forest areas of developing countries like Uganda and show people how to live more sustainable lives.

By donating money to the charity, which we raised in school by growing and selling tomato plants for 50p each (bargain!) then we can help plant at least 20 trees to re-forest a part of another country and hopefully contribute to creating a re-foresting the "size of Wales".

Well done to everyone who helped grow and look after the tomato plants, who made posters and organised their sale, overseen by Mrs Morris and Mrs Paice.

Nigel was appreciative of the donation and no matter how small, every penny has power!