Surf Therapy with the Wave Project

What a great start to our summer term!

All of KS3, both BESD and MAPHR provisions had the opportunity today to attend the Surf Therapy course in Rest Bay Porthcawl and begin to learn surf skills. 

Staff and pupils felt that tingly nervous feeling as it was new to nearly everyone, I'm proud to say everyone who wanted to go in the water did, got wet and tried amazingly hard! Some pupils felt comfortable observing today and will join in next week, such a great effort from everyone and thanks to our instructors, safe and fun!

What are the benefits? 

From the Wave Project website:

"Impact and evaluation has been embedded in The Wave Project since day one. All our programmes evaluate wellbeing change from a participant and whole-group perspective. Every young person who has ever taken part in one of our programmes has completed a questionnaire before and after their course to tell us how it affected them. These client questionnaires use validated items to ensure they are accurate and robust. We also work with parents and referral partners to get their perspectives on changes to the children we support.

In the past 10 years, we have gathered information from over 3,000 young people in the UK, so have a large dataset measuring change across 17 measures of wellbeing including self-esteem, resilience, confidence, social trust, positive functioning and friendships."

Looking forward to next week!