Investors in Families Award

We had a visit from Sue the Investors in Families assessor to The Bridge last week and are pleased to announce we are now an Investors in Families accredited school (sapphire).

This accreditation is the result of two years work, building up our support for families and bespoke programmes to engage and develop their skills to support their children and young people. 

Many children and young people come to The Bridge at a challenging time, during a crisis or due to a particular adverse experience. Working with parents and carers to build their confidence to play, to read, to talk and to support their children as they develop during their placement with us, even down to opening savings accounts with the local Credit Union, is key.

The post of Family Engagement Officer was recently vacated by the much valued Tammy and we are recruiting again to continue this important work. 

We look forward to achieving the next level of amethyst accreditation next year!