Festival of Learning 2018

The Bridge Alternative Provision has been very excited to be part of the BCBC wide Festival of Learning 2018 and is hosting 5 specialist workshops for our colleagues across schools, third sector groups and elected members.

Lego Based Therapy has been of particular interest and we were asked to appear on BBC Radio Wales to talk about the benefits of Lego Based Therapy and to give the presenters a challenge of completing a model by collaborating and communicating! Full marks to Gareth and Felicity for making the model racing car so quickly!

Lego Based Therapy has many benefits for pupils and helps improve their communication, cooperation, collaboration and the big C - compromise! It is accessible and no experience is required meaning it can also work well for non verbal pupils. The Behaviour and Wellbeing Outreach team provide excellent training on this to our schools on a regular basis.

Feedback from those who attended the workshop was extremely positive and included comments about how useful the workshop was and how many ideas they could now use in their own schools.

Well done to Amy and Linda for thier preparation and delivery.

Other workshops offered this week, all fully booked, inlcude Anxiety First Aid, Self Esteem and Mindfulness and relaxation. Wellbeing for pupils and staff is a priority for us at The Bridge and every school or workplace in Bridgend. Investing in workforce wellbeing will keep you all going in tough times, whatever role you have. I called in to each workshop and the atmosphere of productive engagement has been a delight to see. Well done also to Tammy and Charlotte.