Dosbarth heulog


This half term Dosbarth heulog will be learning to:


English: Develop writing skills writing diary entries, newspaper reports and historical recounts. The pupils will be debating what makes an event a natural disaster exploring some of the historical myths about the origins of earthquakes and volcanoes and considering whether they could be based in fact.


Maths: Pupils will develop their understanding of compass points and direction, moving onto using coordinates to plot location. Pupils will learn to recognise 3D shapes and identify the nets of these shapes. Pupils will also explore patterns in number learning to identify the sequence and explain the rule.


Science: Pupils will dive deep to understand the different layers that make up our planet and understand how these layers can contribute to natural disasters. Pupils will conduct simple experiments to develop their scientific skills. Pupils will learn that the rocks of our planet are from three broad groups.


Geography: Pupils will study maps to understand where and why volcanoes form. They will consider the natural benefits of volcanoes as well as the negative impacts.


History: Pupils will learn of the impact of the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius and the lessons that were learned from this event.


Social skills and well-being will continue to be developed based on individual need.